Alright guys…I did the workout this morning and have some good tips and feedback for you all!! When you have a second today…take some time to read through this:

1. PACING IS SO IMPORTANT!! Ideally, you want to pace throughout the workout, and then give every single ounce of effort that you have left for the last 15 burpees. If you can fly through those last 15 burpees, that will be a game changer and you will drop seconds off your time. This is where people will not be able to kick into high gear if they are not smart throughout the workout. Personal example: This morning when I did the workout, my first round (10 snatches/15 burpees) was 1 second faster than Sam Briggs, aka CrossFit Games Champion. That was NOT smart of me and I ended up dying big time in the round of 50 snatches and 15 burpees. I did not pace well at all, and my last 15 burpees were not fast whatsoever!

2. HAVE A PLAN. Before you go into the workout, have a mental plan as to how you are going to attack these reps. Burpees should aim to be unbroken for everyone, in my opinion (aim is the key word! haha). They are going to hurt everyone pretty equally, therefore they need to be paced, but constantly moving. Your planned rest should be during the snatches. PLANNED REST = a specific amount of time that you will catch your breathe in between reps. I highly suggest keeping this below 5 seconds each time. For example: If you know anything above 10 snatches at once is not feasible for you, then plan on breaking at a specific time in the next rounds. Round of 20, do 10 snatches, drop the dumbbell, count to “3 Mississippi” in your head, then do the remaining 10 snatches. For the round of 30, you can do 5’s, 10’s, or 15 + 5, 5, 5.
BE DISCIPLINED when it comes to the length of your rest. I found myself taking 3 x 15 seconds rest in the round of 50…because I tried to do it unbroken. Having a game plan is so important because it helps you mentally, controls your fatigue level and breathing, and gives you a short break to look forward to.
Side note: Whenever I count seconds during workouts, I always count “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, etc.” If helps me measure my time of rest more accurately.

3. SNATCHES. Be sure not to let your opposite arm touch any part of your body while you are snatching. If you are doing a right arm DB snatch, your left arm cannot be on your leg assisting you, or touching your body whatsoever.
It is your choice if you want to do a POWER DB snatch, or a MUSCLE DB snatch. Essentially, with a power DB snatch, you will conserving energy by dropping under the DB and cushioning that weight every rep. If the DB weight is on the medium side, I would suggest power snatching. If the DB weight is on the medium to light side, I would suggest muscle snatching, as it tends to be faster.
The snatches have to be alternating, meaning that once you snatch with your right arm, you cannot do another repetition with the same arm, but have to switch to your left arm. Decide beforehand if you want to do a snatch, bring the DB to the ground, switch hands, then do another snatch. Your other option is to do the snatch with your right arm, on the descent back to the ground, you can switch hands mid-air, then switch to the opposite arm. This is personal preference, but I suggest deciding before the workout which feels more comfortable. I am happy to demonstrate this on Saturday to whoever wants to see it!

4. BURPEES. Try and make these as efficient as possible so that you are using as little energy as possible. When you are at the bottom of the burpee (chest and hands on the ground), I like bringing my right foot up to my right hand, stepping back up into full extension, before I jump onto and over the box. When I find myself getting fatigued faster is when I am in the bottom of the burpee, and I jump to my hands, with both feet together (like a two foot hop), and then jump onto and over the box. The latter example makes my breathing heavier, and I get more taxed more quickly. It is hard to explain via fbook, so I am happy to show anyone what I mean by stepping up with your right or left foot! Just ask me on Saturday morning.

5. HAVE FUN! These workouts are designed to test your physical fitness! You all have been working so hard in the gym every day for however long you have been a part of CrossFit Prelude. I am fortunate enough to have been a part of this family for the past 3ish weeks, and I am so impressed by everyone’s work ethic day in and day out. You guys all work so hard when you are in the gym, and support each other along the way. I love it 🙂 So don’t forget to have fun, trust in your training so far, and cheer each other on!!

I will be at the gym on Saturday morning! I can’t wait to watch you guys!! Please ask me for advice on any movement that you are worried about, or let me know if you need help with figuring out your game plan/strategy. See you guys tomorrow!! Hope this helps!!