While driving into work last week I was listening to a podcast that covered a variety of Crossfit related topics. The main speaker of the podcast was Ray Regno, a well renowned weightlifting coach and member of the Crossfit Seminar Staff. During the discussion, Ray used an expression to describe the mindset he expects his coaches to have. He explained that all coaches should be “infinitely refinable.” In other words, they should be open to criticism and feedback as well as willing to keep learning and honing their craft. The expression stuck with me and got me thinking…shouldn’t we all be striving to learn more and better ourselves everyday? Shouldn’t all of us be infinitely refinable?

As soon as we think we know it all, we halt our potential progress. The “knowing it all”  mindset can set limitations on your willingness to learn a new way of accomplishing something, be it a task at work or the way you perform a gymnastics movement. Being open to feedback is not only vital to the success of a coach but a key component to the growth of an athlete. Resistance or an unwillingness to learn new techniques stagnates us and is extemely self limiting.

The idea of being a forever learner extends well past the walls of the gym. We can always be learning how to become a better spouse, friend, business partner…you get the idea. Instead of settling into a fixed way of being, choose to be refinable. Choose to be a lifelong learner who is open minded and accepting of growth!