When I first discovered Crossfit I, like many first timers, became instantly hooked…cough cough obsessed. Several classes in and I knew I had found my “new thing”. I was pretty disinterested in doing any other form of exercise, mainly because I believed I was getting everything I needed from Crossfit. There is of course A LOT that Crossfit offers; variance, functional movements, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, etc. You have nearly an endless supply of movement combinations that you can create all within a variety of time domains. It leaves you far from feeling bored!

As time progressed and my experience increased, it surprisingly became harder to get excited about working out. There’s the common expression “You can’t have too much of a good thing.” Well…I wholeheartedly disagree. When you jump in head first into anything new, be it a relationship, a job, or an exercise regimen, you can burn out quickly if you don’t allow yourself some space. I chugged my Crossfit Kool-Aid and neglected the other activities that I used to loved doing; horseback riding, kayaking, yoga. I threw them all out the window to further commit to Crossfit classes. In an effort to uncover why I was in such a workout slump, I began reading various online articles and eventually ended up rereading Greg Glassman’s “World Class Fitness in 100 Words”. In his own definition of fitness, the founder of Crossfit states “regularly learn and play new sports.” Light bulb moment! You don’t.have.to.choose.

3 years in and I am still just as in love with the training methodology. The main difference, however, is that I am able to recognize the need to get outside the gym and do other physical activities that bring me joy. So, embrace the opportunity to try new things! Take a group fitness class with a friend, be it spinning, yoga, you name it! Your gains aren’t going anywhere and Crossfit will be waiting for you:)

What are your favorite ways to change up your workout routine?