The CrossFit Open is a 5 week competition starting on February 22nd and ending on March 26th. Every Thursday evening CrossFit Headquarters announces the workout and athletes have 4 days, until Monday evening, to complete. Scaled and masters categories are offered. For most, it’s a test of where you stack up against your peers, for the elite it is the first phase in qualifying for the CrossFit Games. There are two ways to participate, you can sign up to see how you stack up worldwide for $20 on the CrossFit Games website OR participate in the in-house Prelude Open for no charge.

CrossFit Prelude has adopted its own intermural version of the Open for free! We will divide members into teams and compete together for the coveted Prelude Open Top Prize and bragging rights of course. Every Saturday during the Open we will host the workouts, tailored to fit our space, with the goal being to have fun and bring the community together. The Prelude Open includes a sixth workout on March 31st to determine the supreme team! It is a lot of fun and a great opportunity to test your fitness, talk a little smack to your friends, and strengthen bonds within our community. But what if you are a newby or not a steely eyed competitor? No worries – the Prelude Open is designed to scale the scale, and award participation, not solely athletic prowess. There are many ways to score points for your team that have nothing to do with your Open workout performance.

Team captains and assignments will be announced within the next few weeks. I am truly hoping for more epic episodes by our very own “Prelude Update Show” hosted by Aaron Campbell and Larris…stay tuned for air dates and remember YOU are the show material, you have been forewarned…

For the competitive exercisers of the group, remember it is just exercise! Don’t let the workouts consume you, it’s not worth beating yourself up (or your judge for no-repping you!). Give each workout everything you’ve got, leave no doubt in your mind – then move on.

I admit that I dread the Open season because of the stress I put on myself …and Larris. This will be my sixth Open and each year I try to take it and myself less seriously, because it’s just exercise! The coaches and I have a ton of ‘tips’ for anyone interested, but our biggest recommendation is to HAVE FUN and support each other!